Shoshanna French

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As an intuitive, coach, trainer and consultant, I champion transformation for individuals and organizations that create measurable and lasting success.


Through my flagship programs - Intuitive Instinct Training and Executive Consulting - my clients implement the necessary changes from our work together creating lasting success in business and in life. Check out my main offerings here to learn more about each program; I will customize a program that fits in your schedule, budget, and achieves the results you desire.

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Like many successful leaders and entrepreneurs, I am always interested in tools that will support my success and allow me to make the contribution to others that I want.; that’s why I tap into my Intuitive Instincts. Commonly when people are trying to address a challenge, solve a problem or move things forward, they use information they already have or collect new information. Using Intuitive Instincts doesn’t mean ignoring intellect or reasoning altogether. Intuition allows you to take everything into consideration and quickly and accurately determine what is most useful and discard the rest.


Don’t just take


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Check out testimonials from current and past clients that work in various industries!

Below are just a few of the results my clients have seen:

  • Evaluate the potential for success of new clients and/or business opportunities for my executives to spot any potential issues

  • Identify problems before they come to fruition and implement solutions to avoid them

  • Revenue increased by 40%, which allowed for her to decrease her work-week from five to four days

As a business leader, it’s important for me to stay clear in my mind and have the highest insight to make the best decisions. I tend to be skeptical about intuition, yet I have to say without a doubt that working with Shoshanna has made a remarkable positive impact professionally as well as personally. She has the uncanny ability to see right to the core of any obstacles I’m experiencing and reveal the hidden dynamics that have caused the blocks to greater success and fulfillment.
— -Satyen Raja, Founder of Trainings